Please Say The Magic Word: ‘I’m Sorry’

Para psikolog mengatakan bahwa meminta maaf adalah bentuk terapi memulihkan rusaknya hubungan antar manusia. Kata maaf itu tidak mahal. Bahkan kadang tidak kita sadari berserakan di berbagai kalimat percakapan. Tapi saat dihadapkan pada keadaan yang serius, setelah kita berbuat sesuatu yang fatal, seringkali perkataan tersebut sulit sekali keluar. Jika kata maaf dirasa sulit sekali keluar dari mulut Anda, coba ikuti tips di bawah agar lidah tidak kelu lagi..
Sadari kesalahan
Akuilah kesalahan Anda. Rela mengakui kesalahan dan mau bertanggung jawab akan membuat permintaan maaf Anda lebih cepat diterima dan dimaafkan.Apalagi dengan ucapan tulus, tidak berbelit-belit dan langsung pada permasalahan.
Good timing
Hindari minta maaf saat seseorang sedang marah. Bisa jadi permintaan maaf Anda tidak diterima. Temui dan jelaskan duduk perkaranya beberapa hari kemudian. Saat itu kemarahan pasti sudah berkurang. Untuk suatu masalah yang besar, hadapi orangnya, tatap matanya dan berikan penjelasan yang diperlukan.

Jika persoalan terjadi di kantor, segera meminta maaf sebelum bos atau klien menyadari kesalahan Anda. Hal ini akan membuat Anda tampak lebih teliti.
Don't make excuses, make explanations!
Setelah mengaku kesalahan, beri penjelasan pada orang yang telah Anda sakiti. Yakinkan Anda tidak bermaksud buruk. Langsung minta maaf dan menjelaskan situasi dengan tidak mengada-ngada menunjukkan keseriusan Anda.
Tawarkan ganti rugi
Jika memang kesalahan Anda mengakibatkan kerugian materil buat dia, tawarkan menggantikan kerugian yang terjadi. Kalaupun Anda tidak mampu menanggung semuanya, jelaskan dengan jujur, asal Anda tetap ikut menggantinya.Bagaimana pun juga toh itu andil Anda.

Jadi berlapang dadalah, dan jangan pelit mengucapkan, ‘maafkan saya..’

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Are There Angels?

It is said there are Angels
In Heaven above
And they shine with the light
Of an inner love

Of these things
I had not a clue
But that was
Before I found you

For in you I’ve found
A love that is so right
It shines all around
With the brightest of light

It comes from somewhere
So deep within
That it has no beginning
And knows no end

Your love is a light
That brightens each day
Of all of the people
You see on your way

Where ever you go
Or whatever you do
All see the love
That you have inside you

That God sent you here
To a place where you’d be
Sharing such love
With someone like me

Is proof for me
That angels exist
And are filled with a love
That no man could resist

I thank God each day
For finding the time
For looking down on me
And making you mine

So yes there are Angels
In heaven above
I know because God
Sent me one to love

- kanda for dinda -
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It Is You I Dream Of

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
Of fine and purest white
It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
For heat and for the light

My love for you grows stronger still,
Despite the surrounding cold
My heart is yours, bartered gone
For yours has it been sold

Its petals shine from morning dew
Its stem grows stiff and strong
It stands strong through the freezing cold
It stands the winter long

I long for you, for your soft touch
I miss the way you smile
The longer that we stay apart
The longer every mile

The flower stretches through the snow
It reaches toward the sun
And now without you the color is gone
The flower's petals, dun

But as we talk, and as we learn
The flower comes back to life
The snow now melts and goes away
As you take away my strife

Spring is here and growth abounds
As you and I are one
We are together, we are in love
The snow for now is done

I see the future, in dreams I have
Of our life, long and true
I see the times where all I need
Are comforting words from you

I see the times when winter comes
As winter tends to do
But we still love, and we still live
And I do still love you

And so we live, with children ours
And a life of much to see
With love we live, to live we love
Happy together are we

I see the flower, older now,
But still strong with fresh new leaves
I see it growing, tall and strong
Reaching to the eaves

We are now old, as years have passed
But old together are we
And strong our love still today
As strong as it can be

- J. R. King -
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Create Your Heart’s Desire

The romantic dance between men and women has fascinated me nearly all my life.

No matter what you truly desire in your relationships -- romantic, playful, loving – you can make it happen by following the secrets I outline in MEN MADE EASY.

Just as it did for Carol, Jenny, and Beth.

Carol, oldest and most experienced at the wise age of 41 has been married 12 years. With two small children, her marriage has fallen short of her girlhood expectations. But she figured it could be worse.

Her marriage began with lots of love but over the years her husband had become distant and unresponsive.

Jenny worked as an assistant manager at a local bank. Divorced for six years, she recently married a man she’d been living with. But now it seems they’re arguing all the time. When she mentions the lack of attention and romance in their life, he just walks away.

Finally, Beth, the local bookstore manager, is single. After her third serious relationship broke up, she began to wonder if she’d ever find the right man. She’s pondered whether she’s too fussy when it comes to men…

Each of these women began their relationships with stars in their eyes and a song in their heart. And love bloomed beautiful.

But then something switched.

Love turned to distance. Conversation turned to silence. Romance died. A “settling” occurED.

Perhaps these women’s stories parallel the sad cycle in your relationships.

But these women took action.

Each of them embraced the principles outlined in MDEN MADE EASY and effortlessly reignited the passion they thought they’d lost forever.

In fact, you can also follow the path to creating your own romantic heart’s desire.

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Friendship Poems

Our friendship poems collection focuses on poems that are positive, heartfelt, and easy to understand. In addition to the work of famous poets, you will also find a number of poems unique to our web site. Our extensive library is easy to navigate and new poems are added every month.

Friends 1

A friend is someone we turn to
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives
with beauty, joy, and grace.
And makes the whole world we live in
a better and happier place.

Friends 2
You are friendly, kind and caring
Sensitive, loyal and understanding
Humorous, fun, secure and true
Always there... yes that's you.

Special, accepting, exciting and wise
Truthful and helpful, with honest blue eyes
Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright
Yes that's you... not one bit of spite.

You're one of a kind, different from others
Generous, charming, but not one that smothers
Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game
But not just another... in the long chain.

Appreciative, warm and precious like gold
Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old
You'll always be there, I know that is true
I'll always be here... always for you.

Friends 3
I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends,
I am surrounded by angels,
But I call them friends.

Friends 4
Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Friends 5
Friendship is like the breeze,
You can't hold it,
Smell it,
Taste it,
Or know when it's coming,
But you can always feel it,
And you'll always know it's there,
It may come and then go,
But you can know it'll always be back.
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Love Poem 2

What I Love About You
I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, "I Love You," And the way you're always there. I love the way you touch me, Always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, And glad that are mine.

You're m
y man, my mighty king, And I'm the jewel in your crown, You're the sun so hot and bright, I'm your light-rays shining down, You're the sky so vast and blue, And I'm the white clouds in your chest, I'm a river clean and pure, Who in your ocean finds her rest, You're the mountain huge and high, I'm the valley green and wide, You're the body firm and strong, And I'm a rib bone on your side, You're an eagle flying high, I'm your feathers light and brown, You're my man, my king of kings, And I'm the jewel in your cro

Never Have I Fallen

Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest

I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight

Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away

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What I Love About You
I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, "I Love You," And the way you're always there. I love the way you touch me, Always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, And glad that are mine.

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Love Poem 1


You kissed my lips and I felt a flutter in my heart,
You touched my hand and lit a spark in my body,
You stared into my eyes and saw straight into my soul,
You put your arms around me and I was finally complete.

A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

An Entrapment
My love, I have tried with all my being
to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not
compare his love to a summer’s day.
It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
of such a creature as thee,
to simply cast away the precision
God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being
whether it physical or spiritual
is an ensnarement
from which there is no release.
But I do not wish release.
I wish to stay entrapped forever.
With you for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one
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katakan rindumu biar ku tahu
apakah dirimu masih dirimu yang dulu
yang mencintaiku dengan luapan yang meluap
ataukah telah hilang rasamu bersama angin
yang telah melukai rasa kau dan aku, waktu itu

katakan rindumu biar ku tahu
apakah dirimu masih menginginkan diriku
untuk menemanimu dalam perjalananmu
ataukah kau akan biarkan ku seorang diri
menapaki perjalananku tanpamu

katakan rindumu……
biar aku tak berharap
jika memang cinta tak dapat ku tuai
dengan kelembutanku
dengan kejelitaanku
dengan kepekaanku

katakan rindumu kekasihku
biar ku tahu isi hatimu padaku

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Sering kali aku berkata,
ketika orang memuji milikku,
bahwa sesungguhnya ini hanya titipan
Bahwa mobilku hanya titipan Nya,
bahwa rumahku hanya titipan Nya,
bahwa hartaku hanya titipan NyaTetapi,
mengapa aku tidak pernah bertanya,
mengapa Dia menitipkan padaku?
Untuk apa Dia menitipkan ini padaku?

Dan kalau bukan milikku,
apa yang harus kulakukan untuk milik Nya ini?
Adakah aku memiliki hak atas sesuatu yg bukan milikku?
Mengapa hatiku justru terasa berat,
ketika titipan itu diminta kembali olehNya?

Ketika diminta kembali,
kusebut itu sebagai musibah,
kusebut itu sebagai ujian,
kusebut itu sebagai petaka,
kusebut dengan panggilan apa saja yang melukiskan bahwa itu adalah derita

Ketika aku berdoa,
kuminta titipan yg cocok dengan hawa nafsuku,
aku ingin lebih banyak harta,lebih banyak mobil, lebih banyak rumah,
lebih banyak popularitas, dan kutolak sakit, kutolak kemiskinan.

Seolah semua "derita" adalah hukuman bagiku
Seolah keadilan dan kasih Nya harus berjalan seperti matematika:
"aku rajin beribadah, maka selayaknyalah derita menjauh dariku,
dan nikmat dunia kerap menghampiriku

Kuperlakukan Dia seolah mitra dagang, dan bukan kekasih
Kuminta Dia membalas "perlakuan baikku"
dan menolak keputusan Nya yang tak sesuai keinginanku,

Gusti, padahal tiap hari kuucapkan, hidup dan matiku hanyalah untuk beribadah...
"Ketika langit dan bumi bersatu,
bencana dan keberuntungan sama saja"

Aku bangga dapati dirimu seadanya..
kupikir, pantaslah dirimu kutemani

aku bahagia, sungguh ingin terurai kata...
bila hari-harimu berselimutkan duka
kudoakan Damai bagimu
bila hari-harimu tertimpa bahaya
kudoakan KASIH bagimu
bila hari-harimu berlarut ceria
kudoakan BAHAGIA bersamamu
selama matahari masih terbit dan tenggelam

selama bulan dan bintang dilangit masih bercahaya
selama panas dan hujan masih silih berganti
bersama kita merangkai KARSA
bersama kita menyusun CERITA
bersama kita satukan ASA
berjalan terus bersama CINTA
bila mungkin adanya, kita kan bersama
selalu dan selamanya dalam doa dan pinta......

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Sahabat adalah kekayaan yang sesungguhnya

This article especially for my best friend..yang sedang mencoba meraih Hidayah-Nya kembali...............
Cukup lama waktu yang saya butuhkan untuk mengembalikan kepercaya
an diri setelah keterpurukan diri yang membuat garis hitam dalam catatan sejarah hidup saya. Catatan sejarah hitam yang tidak akan pernah bisa terhapus meski banyak air sudah yang keluar dari sudut mata, meski banyak doa yang saya harap bisa meringankan beban yang teramat berat menanggung malu dan dosa masa lalu.
Saat merasa seperti sendiri, saya menjelajahi bumi mencoba menemukan seseorang yang bisa membantu.
Terlalu berani jika harus ku ceritakan semua ini kepada shabatku, shaabat yang selama ini menemani hari-hariku.....
Entah apa yang akan tergambar dalam pikiran mereka jika ku menceritakan semua ini......tadinya kuberfikir untuk menyembunyikan semua ini dari mereka....
Suatu hari ku mengumpulkan segenap keberanian untuk menceritakan semunya, ya semuanya, semua yang selama ini aku sembunyikan, karena aku tak mau meninggalkan dunia ini dengan menyimpan segudang misteri bagi mereka..
Ternyata aku salah mereka tidak mengucilkan ak, mereka malah tidak segan2 menceburkan diri kedalan kolam masalah untuk membantuku naik kepermukaan...
Hari-hari berikutnya mereka selalu menemaniku membantuku melupakan masa lalu, meringankan beban menanggung dosa masa lalu yang benar-benar tidak pernah bisa hilang dari kenangan.
Sahabat-sahabat itu seolah tengah membantu saya mengangkat beban yang teramat berat meski hanya dengan senyum, tepukan di punggung atau menyediakan telinga mereka untuk tempat saya membuang sampah mulut ini. Ya, karena kadang yang saya bicarakan kepada mereka bisa jadi tak penting bagi mereka, tapi sungguh telinga mereka tetap tersedia untuk kisah-kisah tak penting saya.
Dimana pun saya berada, kemana pun saya pergi, satu yang terpenting untuk saya temukan, yakni sebuah kekayaan bernama sahabat. Tidak seorang pun yang paling beruntung di dunia ini melainkan ia yang memiliki sahabat.
Karena sahabat ada, untuk mereka yang terluka, untuk mereka yang tengah memikul berat beban, untuk menghapus air mata yang berduka, membantu seseorang berdiri dari keterpurukan dan menyediakan sayapnya untuk terbang bersama.
Akhirnya, sampailah saya pada satu kepastian hakikat, bahwa sahabat adalah kekayaan sebenarnya. Hilang satu, miskinlah sudah. Bertambah satu, semakin beruntunglah. Terima kasih untuk semua sahabat, Anda adalah kekayaan saya sebenarnya
. -------------

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