Create Your Heart’s Desire

The romantic dance between men and women has fascinated me nearly all my life.

No matter what you truly desire in your relationships -- romantic, playful, loving – you can make it happen by following the secrets I outline in MEN MADE EASY.

Just as it did for Carol, Jenny, and Beth.

Carol, oldest and most experienced at the wise age of 41 has been married 12 years. With two small children, her marriage has fallen short of her girlhood expectations. But she figured it could be worse.

Her marriage began with lots of love but over the years her husband had become distant and unresponsive.

Jenny worked as an assistant manager at a local bank. Divorced for six years, she recently married a man she’d been living with. But now it seems they’re arguing all the time. When she mentions the lack of attention and romance in their life, he just walks away.

Finally, Beth, the local bookstore manager, is single. After her third serious relationship broke up, she began to wonder if she’d ever find the right man. She’s pondered whether she’s too fussy when it comes to men…

Each of these women began their relationships with stars in their eyes and a song in their heart. And love bloomed beautiful.

But then something switched.

Love turned to distance. Conversation turned to silence. Romance died. A “settling” occurED.

Perhaps these women’s stories parallel the sad cycle in your relationships.

But these women took action.

Each of them embraced the principles outlined in MDEN MADE EASY and effortlessly reignited the passion they thought they’d lost forever.

In fact, you can also follow the path to creating your own romantic heart’s desire.

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